​​Wauwatosa West HS - Class of 1967
PO Box 172
Milwaukee WI 53201-0172
Did you ever wonder what happened to your old classmates, friends and  acquaintances from High School?   Our 50th Reunion may be your last chance ever to find out.  
50th Reunion
This is our time!
UPDATE June 9, 2017
Reunion Weekend Has Begun!

March 2017 Reunion Mailing

What's new?

  • Friday June 9, 2017   - Starting 6:00 PM.  Cocktail "Meet and Greet" reception.             No ticket. No charge.  Cash bar and complimentary Hors de' Ouvres. Casual summer leisure dress recommended.

  • Saturday June 10, 2017   -  Starting 11:00 AM.  School tour at our old school.           Meet in parking lot at 11100 W. Center St.  Casual summer leisure dress recommended.

  • Saturday June 10, 2017  -  Starting at 5:00 PM.  Reunion Main Event Banquet. Complimentary  wine, bottled beer, and Hors de' Ouvres before dinner.  Five course plated dinner service.  Wine served with dinner.  "Smart" casual dress recommend ed.

Friday and Sauturday evening  events at:
Radisson Hotel
2303 N Mayfair Rd.
Wauwatosa WI 53226

Time to complete your "50 Years Later" Book Entry!

The book will be a living document, open to periodic updates for the next several weeks.   See the March mailing for more details, or click on the "MEMORY BOOK INPUT" tab for content and detailed instructions for completing your entry.

Classmates are coming from far and wide to join in our 50th Anniversary celebration.  We have guests coming all over the country! Join Us!​​

Thank you for your response and interest!

We look forward to seeing you at the Reunion.

Video Features for your amusement.

Reunion Instigator at Work or Never Give Up​

Happy- When Classmates buy tickets and turn in their "50 Years Later" stories.