​​Wauwatosa West HS - Class of 1967
Did you ever wonder what happened to your old classmates, friends and  acquaintances from High School?   Our 50th Reunion may be your last chance ever to find out.  
50th Reunion
This is our time!

Instructions for your Memory Book entry
Subject to improvement, enhancement and change.

The "50 Year Memory" keepsake book will be published electronically to avoid printing costs, and to improve the quality and vibrancy of the document.  If absolutely needed or desired, a printed copy can be obtained, at your expense, by presenting the file to your local business copy center.

Content will consist of:
  • "Then" and "Now" pictures for each class member. 
  • A story for each class member. Please feel free to share as much or as little as you feel appropriate. Recommended outline for your story:  
    • Name, then and now​
    • Address, City, State Zip
    • Phone
    • eMail address
    • Spouse, significant others, children, grandchildren and great-grandchilden
    • Schools attended before, and after Wauwatosa West
    • Career/Work experience.  If retired from where?
    • Other significant experiences of past 50 years
    • Current interests
    • Favorite memories of Wauwatosa West

You will be asked to provide the content, in a format that can be put on the standard Windows clipboard for inclusion in the document.  Don't panic!  You can do this even if you have a MAC computer, or no computer at all.  Here are three methods for doing this:  
  •  If you have access to a computer, the easiest way to do this is to use the "Upload Photos"  and      "Tell My Story"  tools provided lower on this page. 
  •  Use email to send your story in the body of the message.  Send along your pictures as message  attachments.  JPEG (.jpg) file format is preferred. I did not test the upload and survey tools on MAC or  on mobile devices, so you may need to do this if you have one of those.
  •  Use the U.S. Mail to send me a paper manuscript and photo prints.  
  • Address to 
Wauwatosa West HS - Class of 1967​
PO Box 172
Milwaukee WI 53201-0172
All photo prints and manuscripts must be copies, as I will not assume resopnsibility to return any items mailed.  Copy and photo print services are available at virtually any Walgreens or business store with a copy center.  Hand-written manuscripts are welcome to the extent that you have neat and legible handwriting that would lend individualized beauty to the book.  In such cases, I will be more than glad to scan and convert the content to suitable digital format for input in the final product.

Upload Tool for Pictures

To use the upload tool, pictures need to be in digital format. If you sat for a senior picture that appeared in the 1967 Olympian yearbook, we've already got you covered on the "then" picture.  If you had no yearbook picture, and still want an image of the young "hot" you to appear in the Memory book, you will need to get whatever you have scanned and converted to an electronic picture format.  Any Walgreens can do that.  For "Now" pictures just use your smart phone or other digital camera, or get someone you know to do it. JPEG (.jpg) file format is preferred. For file names please start with your Last name, as is was in high school, then your first such as "RutenbeckTomNow.jpg" or "PeaseSherryThen.jpg".   The button directly below will open up a drop box window where you can upload your file(s).

Upload Photos

The upload window will look something like this.  Use basic Windows skills to drag and drop file(s) into dropbox folder to upload it.

Survey Tool for Telling Your Story
​The survey will generate your story for you, and includes all of the elements of the suggested outline above.  Of course, you are free to share as much or as little as you wish.

Tell My Story
The Google Survey fill-in form window looks something like this.  Once you have filled it in to your satisfaction, hitting the "Submit" button will automatically upload it to me.